About us

Medica Group is a romanian family private group of companies ( SC Laboratoarele Medica SRL, SC Medica Farmimpex SRL, SC Pronatura SRL) present on the Romanian market since 1992.

The group is promoting integrative medicine and has the following activities : production and distribution of food supplements, functional food, medical devices and dermato-cosmetic; we are present with the products on the romanian and also on other foreign countries ( Greece, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Moldovia, Azerbaijan, Georgia , Albenia, Bulgaria, Croatia ).

We have more than 1200 products that are using over 700 natural raw materials very useful in western/chinese medicine

Our products are using PRONATURA – international brand, but we also work private label for more than 30 clients, from Romania or abroad. Our innovative Pronatura food supplements have obtained more than 45 medals at the International Fairs of Inventions and Innovations in Geneva, Brussels and Budapest.


ACE Investments starts its activity with the main objective of importing medicines from Switzerland and Germany.


Medica Farmimpex is also born having as object of activity the import, distribution of medicines and parapharmaceuticals.


ACE Investments becomes Medica Laboratories with research and production of vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements.


The company Laboratoarele Medica participated in the invention salons in Geneva, Brussels, Budapest and in the country with over 45 medals obtained.


The first factory is built with the production of 250 products.


Funds are obtained through the SAPARD program, through which 400 bee families are purchased and the first honey analysis laboratory and cold storage space are arranged.


Medica Farmimpex implements a European project through the Ministry of Communications and acquires a modern computer network, licenses, broadband access and electronic signatures.
The analysis and research laboratory is accredited by RENAR.


A European project is being carried out, obtaining 4 ultramodern laboratories for physico-chemical, microbiological, dermatology and complete laboratory equipment.


Our company recently won, in collaboration with the National Research-Development Institute for Chemistry and Petrochemistry, the maximum score with the project Sequential procedures for closing the side flows from the bioeconomy and (bio) innovative products resulting from them – SEQUENT in a financing competition for 2016, in section G, code POC-A1-A1.2.3-G-2015.

Another project, Implementation of biomedical research expertise through knowledge transfer to the private environment for the validation of products and services in the fields of medical biotechnology and health – INTELBIOMED, ​​was won with a score of 92, in collaboration with INCD in the Field of Biomedical Pathology and Sciences “Victor Babes.” Through the professionalism we show, we have won a place of collaborators, together with ICECHIM, in the European project Conversion of phytogenic silica reach food industry by-products into value-added products – Convert-Si.

These two recently won projects demonstrate our dedication to innovation and implementation in the form of valuable innovative products.